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Google Replacements - A Great List of the Contenders for Google capabilities

Google Replacements

Remove your Accounts and Other Helpful Links

Stop using state-sponsored websites that record and censor your information.
Use your voting power to opt out of platforms that deny your first-amendment rights.

PeopleGlobalSearch Article on Removing Accounts

Remove Yourself from All Background Check Web Sites: A Master List

Melanie PinolaPinola on Removing from Internet

Schneier on Security - A blog covering security and security technology - The Value of Privacy

BruceSchneierSchneier on Security

Search where: I don't track. All profits to charity!

Aafter FaviconAAfter Search

The All New Family and Kids Friendly Search Engine

Ahdle - The Family Friendly Search Engine

We believe in better search and real privacy at the same time

DuckDuckGo FaviconDuckDuckGo

Ixquick Protects Your Privacy! - Powerful Metasearch Engine

IXQuick FaviconIxquick Search Engine

Private Search Engine

Privatelee FaviconPrivatelee - private search engine

Qrobe = Google + Bing + Ask

Qrobe - Search Engine

The World's Most Private Search Engine - query submitted anonymously to Google

StartPage FaviconStartpage Search Engine

Built an online, de-duplicated central storage repository where ALL of your data could live

Spideroak FaviconZero-Knowledge data backup, sync, access, storage and share from any device

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) - Personal Encryption - Legal Issues

Gamers FaviconPGP Legal Issues - ViaCrypt taken over by Symantec - (see below)

Symantec - PGP Encryption

Symantec FaviconSymantec PGP

Is it illegal to write your own encryption?

StackOverFlow FaviconYour Own Encryption?

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