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This is a Portal to the Internet Portals, Search, and Alternate News. It is also an introduction to all the parts of the Internet and some unique websites. Check out all the categories...especially the one below...Ultimate Search. Be sure to find under Specialty Search. takes a website name (URL) as input to give you similar sites - very handy. As you can appreciate, it is difficult to categorize certain websites - you will find them put under a number of categories. Duck-Duck-Go is one such entry. There are Family Friendly web sites also. You can search by uploading a picture, by lyrics, or other means in Specialty Search - Search in New Ways. Beyond most search engines is the Deep Web. I will keep updating this website - and I intend to keep it free of commercial advertisements. I do recommend Free Translation or Babylon Free Translation Download to translate this website. Continued below...

You might find Y-Jesus surprising...or encouraging!...The facts about Jesus presented by Scholars.

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Roget Classification for Internet Subjects (Multi - Indicates Multiple Language sites within the previous link's category)

(IV International)


First must come existing (Being), then creation being in the time (Time) and space (Space) continuum. Light and physics (Physics) came first, then material (Matter) came out of the physics, this according to the Bible/Big Bang.

Absract Relations


I. GenealogyFamily Friendly
II. Math (Determined)
IV. Order


VI. Time Multi, History, Aging
VIII. Events Multi
IX. Statistics
X. Energy Multi, Product


I. Region, Countries (Website Favorites of Countires) Multi, Maps Multi, Geography, Houses
II. Sewing, Clothing, Environment
IV. Moving Multi, Vehicle, Travel Multi, Food Multi


I. Physics Multi
II. Cooking
IV. Electric Multi / Electronic, Radio, TV
V. Mechanics Multi, Automation/Computers Multi
VII. Color Wheel Multi


I. Universe
II. Chemistry Multi, Geology, Water Cycle Multi
III. Plants, Animals, People, Sex



First must sense (Sensation) something of the world, use your mind to process it (Intellect), then decide (Volition/Choices), then have your preferences (Affections).


V. Images
VI. Music, Audio
V.. VI. Video


I. Inquiry (Search) Multi, Experiment Multi, Decision, Truth (Fact Check)
II. Memory, Prediction
III. Translation Multi, Commentary, News Multi, Teaching, Learning, Language Multi, Writing (Typing) Multi

Volition (Choices)

I. Business/Job Search Multi
II. Remedy / Drugs, Health Multi, Safety
III. Preparation Multi
IV. Government, Freedom
V. War, Arms
VI. Give, Sell, Buy, Stock Market, Wealth, Discount


I. Pleasure, Athletics Multi, Humor, Courage, Nobility
II. Marriage
III. Legality, Illegality, Accusation (Complaint) Multi
IV. Scripture, Theology, Ministry Multi

This search engine - ixquick™ - is a privacy search engine that includes Web, Images, Videos, Phone with results very similar to - can also handle many interface languages - also handle many search languages:

 DuckDuckGo: The search engine that doesn't track you. A superior search experience with smarter answers, less clutter and real privacy. Many Languages also. Returns great results. Start a language and region specific search here: Change your Region and Language - Or click on the logo above, then click on the box in the upper right and choose Advanced Settings.

 This search engine includes Web, Meta, Video, Blog and News Searches. If you put in a foreign words, it automatically goes to foreign websites (except for Blog and News Searches).
Sonic Run: Internet Search Engine

Largest Human-Edited Directory of the Web - since 1998

 Webmaster Recommends:

How to listen to the second impeachment of President Donald J. Trump:

Cspan - Live Coverage - and Schumer, McConnell Reach Agreement on Trump Impeachment Trial - Here Are the Details

The truth about Covid19 - how to keep from catching it and how to treat it if you do / have caught it:

New American interview with Dr. Lee Merrit

Here are the supplements that she recommends to take to avoid catching Covid19: 

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

Dr. Lyons Weiler is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Pittsburgh where he is the Scientific Director of the Bioinformatics Analysis Core. With this vaccine, there is 21% chance that you will have "serious adverse events" (including death). Please view the video:

Dr. Lyons Weiler - Very Upset with the Rush of this Vaccine

Mike Lindell - Absolute Proof of Election 2020 Fraud

Absolute Proof - Mike Lindell Election Documentary (FULL) (


What to do now for those in the United States: The Supreme Court has issued edict - this is what we must do - Jay Richards - How to defend traditional marriage. The rest of the world will get good guidance here also.

Important Article Three things your church must do immediately to protect itself

What we need to be doing now - a book to buy Truth Overruled by Ryan T. Anderson or here

What to do to protect freedom of speech Forget A Federal Marriage Amendment and Go For Religious Freedom Acts in All 50 States

Our prayers are with those who are persecuted around the world.

United We Stand Stronger As Americans - What did our Founding Fathers really say? For Which We Stand 



Heard about the Strange Seismic Wave on Nov 11? It moved an island off of Africa. Same location as where Shock Dynamics said a very large asteroid hit earth. See Ultimate Search - Shock Dynamics


Sites that are producing / promoting most of these movies:

Pure Flix

Affirm Films

Seatzy™ is first and foremost a platform for movie goers that will allow all of us to participate in the process of supporting the films we love more

Finding more:

Christian Film Database 

What is the way for Churches to deal with sin - whether it be any kind including homosexuality? Speak the truth in love. Be a Healing and Transformational Church. New Church Vision - Sin and Homosexuality

Others who are addressing the same issues - letting the Bible speak for itself: 

The Gospel and Homosexuality by David Platt

On Love, Homosexuality, and Sin: An Evangelical Proposal By Rob Schwarzwalder

What is the way for Churches to conduct themselves - Individual and Corporate? What are Biblical methods to judge success? New Church Vision - Individual and Corporate

What is the Holy Spirit and are the Gifts for today? How desperate should we be for the Holy Spirit? How do we employ spiritual gifts in an orderly manner? New Church Vision - What About Gifts

What kind of God do we serve? What is a view of God from the scriptures? New Church Vision - Our Great God and our free will


What Christian ministries are there to those enslaved by Alcohol or drugs? Here is one such successful ministry that could be copied around the world:

The Mission House of North Kitsap as well as The Mission House of South Kitsap (all for men, but plans for a Women's mission house are in the making.

A Christian band that was featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon For King and Country - Enjoy

Soothing Songs based on the Psalms - by the Sons of Korah - Enjoy

Soothing Hymns with harmony, orchestra, and natural settings: FountainView - Enjoy. 



What is Sharia Law (Multi - many languages) anyway? (Warning: graphic)

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus - You Never Know Where a Crisis of Faith Will Lead You.
A Thought-Provoking One Night Event - Monday, January 19, 2015 - In Select Theatres Nationwide

These are the Days of Elijah - The Marines - Hoo Rah! - Could this video go viral?

Privileged Species event - Pacific Northwest Premiere - Michael Denton Rocks the Museum of Flight as Privileged Species Premieres in Seattle to a Packed House -- Are humans the accidental products of a blind and uncaring universe? Or are they the beneficiaries of a cosmic order that was planned beforehand to help them flourish?  -- Now available for purchase: Privileged Species - the Movie

Dinesh Dśouza - America (the Movie) - Imagine the World without Her - in movie theaters come July 2. Please consider demanding it at your theater!

For Worship:

Christian Worship Music Mix #1, Christian Worship Music Mix #2, Christian Worship Music Mix #3, and Christian Worship Music Mix #4

More Upbeat:

Christian Dance Music Mix #1Christian Dance Music Mix #2, Te Amo, Te Amo, I Love You, Blood Bought Church, and Skillet - Awake and Alive

Good Movies:

godsnotdeadthemovie.comGod's Not Dead - the Movie-English | Spanish / Español | one can now buy the DVD.

For reflection:

At you'll find all the great Christian Music Genres such as Gospel Music, Christian Contemporary, Praise & Worship Music, Christian Rap, and Christian Rock Music, as well as, Christian Songs. - also includes reviews, video samplesoverview of groups, biographies, and interviews.

Good Blogs:

allaboutgod.comAll About God All About God -and- Sheila Dean Peace, Hope and Joy are for You too.

Good YouTubes:

DuckDynastyDuck Commander talks about why the Country needs Jesus

TheNewDifferentTheNewDifferent - Twitter and TheNewDifferentTheNewDifferent - YouTube

And on a more sober note:

Gosnell - Movie - A historic crowdfunding campaign for a movie about America's biggest serial killer, abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the media cover-up - recently in theaters.

Agenda - Grinding America Down and also, (but don't watch them back to back - you have been warned!)

 The Project by Joe Weasel and no you will not find either of these movies listed on Internet Movie Database

Non-partisan site dedicated to a Convention that could bypass all three branches of the government - Check it out in the U.S. Constitution -Friends of the Article V. Convention

Sobering - Four Dead in Benghazi Endowment for Middle East Truth

SANSThe Methods of Dealing with the Heartbleed Vulnerability

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